I’m just gonna dump some photos here. Stay tuned for an actual written update!

This first one is of Elliott holding a monkey. We were out street skating one night and came across this man with a pet monkey.

image Here’s Edan MCing our contest hippy A quick screen-grab from a line Edan filmed of me. 118-5 Elliott 50-50ing while Per watches. FLY STREETWEAR. 118-3 Per and John118-2118 John. Fully stoking.xmas2014tree-2 The amazing Christmas tree my wonderful mother decorated this past December 😀EZnJT_toptoys112014-2EZnJT_toptoys112014Here are Johnny Tang and Elliott. These are some shots I snagged while we were filming the commercial for the new Fly Streetwear x Bic Lighters coaches jackets.

Photos & WuMao



Summer’s been busy. I haven’t written squat on here since June and for that I feel pretty crummy. The good news is I’ve been taking tons of notes, so when I eventually write my next little update I’ll have plenty to talk about. I’ll still probably manage to leave some stuff out, but in hopes that I don’t forget be sure to check back in a couple days for tales of stalkers, a trip to Nanjing, a Hong Kong visit, dodging she-males, making a zine, Shanghai Files 3 & 4, another b-side edit, meeting more homies, a bum fight, redesigning the shop and even more.

Anyway, before I do that I wanted to post up a couple skate photos, just ’cause.  Top one is John Sawchak skating the Pudong magnet and the second photo is Jack Moore with a wallie.


Where is time going?


I woke up the other day and realized I’ve been in Shanghai for 4 months now. Four months! It really feels like it’s only been a few weeks, but when you cram so much in a week I guess it makes sense that time just melts away; the days just flow into each other. I still get that “whoa, I live in China” feeling pretty often.

Anyway, what happened to the last month & a half? Well, quite a bit:

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Shanghai Files 2

We’ve been steady skating here despite the busyness a 9-5 (read: 10-7, 6 days per week) and the increasing temperature. It’s been over 80 degrees everyday and it’s only mid-May.  Since we never really get to skate during the day, Shanghai Files 2 features more nighttime skateboarding in Shanghai; mostly filmed between the hours of 10 pm and 3 am.

This time around we’ve got John Sawchak, Jonathan Iskasen (homie from Denmark), Brian Kleiber and Kevin Nevado skating to the pleasant sounds of Show & AG.

If you missed Shanghai Files 1, be sure to check that out too.

More “China Days”, Police, Skating at The Ritz & More


Sheesh, there goes another month! I’m blowing it on keeping this updated and promise I’ll at least try to be more timely with my postings.

Let’s see, I think we left off with me explaining “China Days”, aka “China Checkpoints” and “China Hazing” (nothing to do with the looming haze of pollution often visible in Shanghai)…well, I’ve had a few more “China Days” throughout the last month.

I didn’t get sick or have anything stolen this time, but I did manage to get locked in my own apartment one night for 3 hours and then taken to the police station the following night, for the second time in a month; neither occasion relating to anything remotely illegal…

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Oops! It’s been a month…

…since my last update here. Sheesh, I’ve got a lot to write about – but not now. At the moment, I’m working on building a new website for work (stay tuned), editing some video (for work, again), filming a few more clips for Shanghai Files 2, making new friends, building a new bicycle, drinking beer, trying to avoid Chinese food and trying not to miss my family and friends too much.

Here’s Shanghai Files 1, since I never got around to posting it. Thanks to Kicker Club, Skate Here and Skate Jawn for showing it some love. Stay tuned.


Yada Yada & “China Days”


Let’s see, it’s been a week since I last updated and so much has happened; especially since I didn’t even bring you fully up-to-date on the last post.

Starting off, I got “hella addicted” to the second season of House of Cards…so I’ve been doing a bit of Netflexin’. Other than that, a bunch of stuff has happened, including the required body check in order for me to get my Z visa.

After a lengthy cab ride to this hospital, I started looking over the checklist of checkpoints and noticed there was not only a urine sample, but there was a space for “stool”. For a second, I thought I not only had to piss in a cup, but that I’d also be reenacting this scene from Out Cold…

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Shanghai Update #1 – I’m alive, not puking & have VPN. Life is good.

shanghai march iphone-12

I’ve been here in Shanghai for two weeks now and figured it’d be a good time to fill you in about what’s been going on. The first week here was equally exciting as it was agonizing; to say things here are different would be a gross understatement.

I arrived on February 22nd, thinking I’d be able to dodge the inevitable jet-lag that everyone was warning me about. In retrospect, I really should have slept more on the airplane but ended up watching four movies instead: Bad Grandpa, Bonnie & Clyde, We’re the Millers and Gangster Squad. I also drank a handful of beers since I upgraded my seat for $100 dollars which allowed me to receive complimentary spirits. At the going rate others were paying, I nearly made my money back solely from the in-flight beers. I slept a bit too, but not nearly enough…

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Shanghai Update & Leftover Photos

fun snowboard day burlington feb 2014_sml-4

Not gonna lie, I’m definitely a little homesick right now. After crashing on couches for over a month (and still doing so, except now in China), it’s hard to feel settled even though I’ve got so much to be excited about. My first few days here in Shanghai have been amazing; China really is absolutely insane though. Waiting in line is nonexistent and every time you cross the street you’re gambling with your life.  Remember being a kid and having your mother tell you to look both ways? Well, here you better be looking left, right, up, down and doing so twice before stepping into the roads.

Anyway, I’ll post a more detailed update in the coming days once I have some more free time. In the meantime, here are a few photos from my final days in Vermont of some of my best buds snowboarding and exploring – see those below.

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