Yada Yada & “China Days”


Let’s see, it’s been a week since I last updated and so much has happened; especially since I didn’t even bring you fully up-to-date on the last post.

Starting off, I got “hella addicted” to the second season of House of Cards…so I’ve been doing a bit of Netflexin’. Other than that, a bunch of stuff has happened, including the required body check in order for me to get my Z visa.

After a lengthy cab ride to this hospital, I started looking over the checklist of checkpoints and noticed there was not only a urine sample, but there was a space for “stool”. For a second, I thought I not only had to piss in a cup, but that I’d also be reenacting this scene from Out Cold…

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Shanghai Update #1 – I’m alive, not puking & have VPN. Life is good.

shanghai march iphone-12

I’ve been here in Shanghai for two weeks now and figured it’d be a good time to fill you in about what’s been going on. The first week here was equally exciting as it was agonizing; to say things here are different would be a gross understatement.

I arrived on February 22nd, thinking I’d be able to dodge the inevitable jet-lag that everyone was warning me about. In retrospect, I really should have slept more on the airplane but ended up watching four movies instead: Bad Grandpa, Bonnie & Clyde, We’re the Millers and Gangster Squad. I also drank a handful of beers since I upgraded my seat for $100 dollars which allowed me to receive complimentary spirits. At the going rate others were paying, I nearly made my money back solely from the in-flight beers. I slept a bit too, but not nearly enough…

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Shanghai Update & Leftover Photos

fun snowboard day burlington feb 2014_sml-4

Not gonna lie, I’m definitely a little homesick right now. After crashing on couches for over a month (and still doing so, except now in China), it’s hard to feel settled even though I’ve got so much to be excited about. My first few days here in Shanghai have been amazing; China really is absolutely insane though. Waiting in line is nonexistent and every time you cross the street you’re gambling with your life.  Remember being a kid and having your mother tell you to look both ways? Well, here you better be looking left, right, up, down and doing so twice before stepping into the roads.

Anyway, I’ll post a more detailed update in the coming days once I have some more free time. In the meantime, here are a few photos from my final days in Vermont of some of my best buds snowboarding and exploring – see those below.

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It’s Official Tissue

Here’s where I’ll be compiling all sorts of stuff from my new home in Shanghai. I’m still around the states for a few more weeks but figured it’d be best to get this site in order before leaving.  It’ll probably be mostly skate-related; though you should expect to see a bunch random photo and video updates.

For the bike stuff, be sure to visit Culture Cycles. I’ll definitely be keeping it going and can’t wait to check out the Shanghai cycling scene.

In the meantime, here’s a quick video I made with a few friends here in Burlington, VT this  summer.



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