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Pollution Season

Yep, it’s here…orange, red and beyond. Grab yourself a good pollution mask ’cause winter’s arrived.

Above is “Good Times, Bad Times” from Cornerstore Bodega. It features Jay Emert, Mike Fagan, Tom Ward III, Cody Backus, Herb Harris, Julius Harpending, John Edinger, Nolan Shewfelt, Keith Brown, Alton Lawson, Andrew Grabowski, Pat Cunningham, Kodi Napolitano, Mike Edinger, Brian Cunningham, Javaris Williams, Brandon Burch, Brandon Burch Jr, Nick Wnorowski, Brett Reif, and Steven Russell.

Three quickies from The Center with Alex Greenberg, Per Asplund and Justen Snyder.

The Sour Skateboards squad released another Sour Files from their escapades here in Shanghai.

Shoutout to Burlington, VT for being America’s First All-Renewable-Energy City.

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