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Summer – Early Autumn 2016 Tri-X Dump & Other Stuff


Hoarded a lot of film over the summer and fall and finally got some stuff developed. As you can see, we pretty much just chill at Lawson’s and The Center. All photos in this post were taken with a Contax T-2 and Kodak Tri-X 400 film.

A lot of other stuff happened throughout the summer and early fall, so I’m going to do my best to remember and briefly describe the happenings that happened over the last 4ish months. Apologies in advance for the brevity.

Proceeding in reverse chronological order, there was a Halloween miniramp session. A few of us dressed up, a few of us lacked Halloween spirit and decided that dressing up as “the color black” was good enough for All Hallows Eve.

There were also a few Weartested events that happened this summer; the Vans Kyle Walker Pro and the adidas Lucas Puig ADV.  Thanks to Edan for involving the homies and to Vans and adidas for the support.

WISEGUYS – another Official Tissue update featuring some of the usual heads: Richard Specht, Per Asplund, Justen Snyder, Gustav Nyman, Edan Qian, Brian Kleiber, Edward Chang, Michael Fagan, Johnny Tang, Alex Greenberg.

The Dream Lens Empire dropped their 9th installment.

Vans Wish You Were Here Skate Tour, Shanghai Stop –  self-explanatory, and definitely worth the watch.

Speaking of Vans, there was also a 50-50 China-wide shop contest. I’m biased, but the FLY Shanghai edit was probably my favorite one submitted.

In non-China news, we’re big fans of The Meadowlands Promo and can’t wait for the full-length to drop. Shoutout to the motherland, I miss the whole mid-Atlantic region more and more as the holiday season rapidly approaches.

Speaking of the east coast, some of our Vermont friends released this fun montage, appropriately titled: very great time. If you’d like to keep up with the historically slept-on microcosm that is Vermont skateboarding, follow my dude Avery aka Jungle Docs on YouTube and join me in my yearning for concrete transitions.

On the subject of Vermont, our buddy Jack Moore aka Yung Bachelor recently organized a Barrier Bash at the Jersey Barrier DIY spot in Burlington with some support from Converse Cons.

A bit out of order here, but Andy “A-Dog” Williams Day in Vermont was 8/27 and Maven and Friends For A-Dog threw a Supernatural Celebration at the waterfront skate park, now officially named the Andy “A-Dog” Williams Skatepark. A-Dog was a legend and an incredibly talented turntabalist, skateboarder and most of all, the epitomy of generous, positive and caring. We miss you so much, Andy. Please visit the Friends For A-Dog site and get involved. Thanks to Ray Beagle for this year’s A-Dog Day edit.

That’s it for now. I definitely missed/forgot at least half of what happened over the last 4 months, so I’ll do my best to run another update sooner-than-later. Either that or I’ll just keep updating this post since this is a secret website anyway.

Photo dump is below.

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Dream Lens 9

Dream Lens Empire is back with another one: Dream Lens 9.

An instant classic, featuring performances from: Jay Meador, Seb Batty, Brian Kleiber, Charles Lanceplaine, Chris Bradley, Johnny Martinez, Andrea Colzani, Justen Snyder, Alex Greenberg, Kristian Kvam Hansen, Jim Reifler, D’wan Porter, Andrew Fitzgerald, Miloš Janjušević, Gustav Nyman, Jeremy Hu, Boss Xie, Brian Dolle, Dan Leung.

Filmed by Justen Snyder, edited by Ryan Nimmo.

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Dream Lens 8

Shanghai’s finest: Chris Bradley, Richard Specht, Alex Greenberg, Jay Meador, Johnny Tang, Dave Pollen, Ryan Nimmo, Justen Snyder, Brian Kleiber, Didi, XuJiao, James Lu, Robert Niegel, Stephen Khou, Jeremy Hu, Dan Leung.

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Dream Lens 7

Noyan the Great, Andrea Colzani, Justen Snyder, Diego Garcia Dominguez, Marco Sacconi, Bakish Sevial, Kevin Matthias, Guter “Turtle” Zwilling, Rino Olivo, Alessandro Di Luggo, Patrick Frunzio.

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Dream Lens 5

Supreme Leader, Supreme army, Jay Meador, Brian Kleiber, Justen Snyder, Brandon King, Xie MingYu, Jeremy Hu, David Pollen, Dan Leung, Chris Bradley, ZZY, Stephen Khou, Ryan Nimmo, Colton Swim, Timi McMeel, Mike Green, D’wan Porter, Adee Lu, Alex Greenberg

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Dream Lens 5

Featuring: The Preacher, Timi McMeel, Dave Pollen, Justen Snyder, Andrea Colzani, Alex Greenberg, Chris Bradley, Gustav Nyman, DiDi, The Preacher’s Daughter, Jeremy Hu, Boss Xie, Noyan the Great, Ansen Wang, Brandon King, The Preacher’s Son

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Dream Lens 4

Justen Snyder, Ryan Nimmo, Eric Morrison, Jay Meador, Byron Moore, Andrea Colzani, Kristian Kvam Hansen, Juli So, P-Dan, Chris Bradley, Timi McMeel, Conedog, Dan Leung, Adee Lu, Elliot Zelinskas, Bill Lkhamsuren

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Dream Lens 3

Starring: BET party people, Boss Xie, Jeremy Hu, Dan Leung, Justen Snyder, Patrik Wallner, Ryan Nimmo, Gustav Nyman, Ansen Wang, Chris Bradley, Johnny Tang, Charles Lanceplaine, Robert Niegel, Jay Meador, Andrea Colzani, Dave Pollen, Timi McMeel, Seb Batty, Chu Wei, Johnny Martinez, Ben Coniam, Juli So, Trent McClung, Jorge Simoes