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push fest shanghai

Probably should have included this in yesterday’s update, but I blanked…so now it gets its own post.

The homies at PUSH are throwing “Asia’s First Skateboarding Film Festival” at Central Studios on December 3rd. Not only will there be a mini ramp and a couple video screenings, they also flew out Patrick O’Dell of Epicly Later’d, for a candid conversation about profiling so many of skateboarding’s greats over the years.

Here’s the itinerary:


6PM SESSION 1: PUSH curated showcase + CHINA premier of Northbound Directed by Jørn Nyseth Ranum

7PM INTERMISSION: Food by EGG. Drinks BY GOOSE ISLAND AND JAMESON. Skate comps and prizes provided by Vans, Beats and Stance.


8.30PM SESSION 2: Conversation with Patrick O’Dell + episodes of his series Epicly later’d


Visit for some more info and be sure to come out on the 3rd!

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Pollution Season

Yep, it’s here…orange, red and beyond. Grab yourself a good pollution mask ’cause winter’s arrived.

Above is “Good Times, Bad Times” from Cornerstore Bodega. It features Jay Emert, Mike Fagan, Tom Ward III, Cody Backus, Herb Harris, Julius Harpending, John Edinger, Nolan Shewfelt, Keith Brown, Alton Lawson, Andrew Grabowski, Pat Cunningham, Kodi Napolitano, Mike Edinger, Brian Cunningham, Javaris Williams, Brandon Burch, Brandon Burch Jr, Nick Wnorowski, Brett Reif, and Steven Russell.

Three quickies from The Center with Alex Greenberg, Per Asplund and Justen Snyder.

The Sour Skateboards squad released another Sour Files from their escapades here in Shanghai.

Shoutout to Burlington, VT for being America’s First All-Renewable-Energy City.

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70 & Sunny in Shanghai


In efforts to keep something regularly updated, we’re back at it with both locally-sourced and home-away-from-home content. It was another gorgeous weekend here in Shanghai, so we took advantage of the 70 & sunny weather in early November by occupying (read: getting stuck at) The Center.
per asplund

A while back the guys from Sweet Skateboards came out to Shanghai for a while and spent a whole lotta time at the now defunct, Weining Lu. RIP (literally and figuratively) to Weining Lu.

Transworld visited the best skatepark in the world in the best state in the world, Andy A-Dog Williams Skatepark in Burlington, VT with Chris Colbourn, Jordan Maxham, Collin Hale and Anthony Durao.

Hélas just dropped their latest line of gear, the Connection Collection. If you’re in China, cop here. If you’re in the states, visit the online Hélas Store.

Skate Jawn wrote about skating in Seoul (while you’re at it, you should check out the Ryan Gee interview as well). Which immediately reminded me of how much fun we had the last time we took a trip to Seoul. Here’s to planning a visit sooner than later.

Tall Chill Guy aka Yung Bachelor will be returning to Shanghai for a little while – hide your kids, hide your wife. Word is that he’s got an art show in the works too, so stay tuned.

Speaking of which, there’s an art show this Friday at Fly, but no one’s made a flier yet…just know there will be free vodka.

Edit: Flier has been added.

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Dream Lens 9

Dream Lens Empire is back with another one: Dream Lens 9.

An instant classic, featuring performances from: Jay Meador, Seb Batty, Brian Kleiber, Charles Lanceplaine, Chris Bradley, Johnny Martinez, Andrea Colzani, Justen Snyder, Alex Greenberg, Kristian Kvam Hansen, Jim Reifler, D’wan Porter, Andrew Fitzgerald, Miloš Janjušević, Gustav Nyman, Jeremy Hu, Boss Xie, Brian Dolle, Dan Leung.

Filmed by Justen Snyder, edited by Ryan Nimmo.

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Vans Kyle Walker Pro Review & Wear Test

A bunch of us recently teamed up with the homies over at Weartested and Skate Here to wear test and review the Kyle Walker Pro from Vans. These shoes are the truth and probably the best pair of Vans I’ve skated in a long time. If you like the Gilbert Crockett pro shoes, these feel similar but with a little extra padding.

The tongue is a bit puffy, which I really like since my flatground game is complete hit-or-miss. The heel area is also super well-designed as it helps keep you heel in place; you won’t be slipping around in these. Even though these shoes were gifted to me, I can hands-down say that they’re worth whatever Vans is charging for them. Go cop yourself a pair and thank me later.

Shoutout to Weartested for involving us and hooking up the shoes. Thanks to Nanking Joe for putting this video together. Cheers.

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Dream Lens 8

Shanghai’s finest: Chris Bradley, Richard Specht, Alex Greenberg, Jay Meador, Johnny Tang, Dave Pollen, Ryan Nimmo, Justen Snyder, Brian Kleiber, Didi, XuJiao, James Lu, Robert Niegel, Stephen Khou, Jeremy Hu, Dan Leung.