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New Year New _______


from the Steak Frites & CDs premiere at FLY

This was never meant to be a blog (or even a regularly updated thing for that matter). If our memories were better, there wouldn’t be a need to document the fun times and happenings, ’cause they’d all be safely stored, organized and chronicled within our life’s highlight reel. But with the advent of technology combined with our dwindling time and attention spans, recalling last weekend becomes a mentally-intensive endeavor;  so why not just keep a journal, right? That’s what people used to do…

<politics>First things first, Bernie can’t stop / won’t stop. He addressed the Senate floor with the facts-equivalent of a draco, citing Tweets and referencing charts. Nothing to do with skateboarding or Shanghai (obviously), but you should watch this. </politics>

Pollution Season is in full-swing.

It’s already the 6th here, but this Ann Van Christmas clip still deserves some play.

Chris & Piet at Sk852 in Hong Kong.

With the demise of LP, the Center remains as the Sunday training facility hot-spot.

Daily Vinyl is holding a pop-up at FLY until the 10th.

Avenue & Son just opened up a showroom/shop that’ll be open for the next year. It’s in the same place as their pop-up shop from last spring.

Nanking Joe’s “Bin Jiang” is live at Skate Here. Maybe he’ll give us a YouTube link for the non-China readers…

Bangkok is definitely on my short-list of places to travel this year. That bowl looks like a blast.

EZ is back!

Workin’ Hard Playin’ Hard via Seoul.

In non-Asia news,  Taylor Nawrocki was interviewed by Max White and Tim O’Connor sat down for a chat with Bobby Puleo.  Both of these are certified good pod. Also, don’t miss the Quim Cardona and Daniel Kim part in Colin Read‘s Spirit Quest.

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Vans Kyle Walker Pro Review & Wear Test

A bunch of us recently teamed up with the homies over at Weartested and Skate Here to wear test and review the Kyle Walker Pro from Vans. These shoes are the truth and probably the best pair of Vans I’ve skated in a long time. If you like the Gilbert Crockett pro shoes, these feel similar but with a little extra padding.

The tongue is a bit puffy, which I really like since my flatground game is complete hit-or-miss. The heel area is also super well-designed as it helps keep you heel in place; you won’t be slipping around in these. Even though these shoes were gifted to me, I can hands-down say that they’re worth whatever Vans is charging for them. Go cop yourself a pair and thank me later.

Shoutout to Weartested for involving us and hooking up the shoes. Thanks to Nanking Joe for putting this video together. Cheers.